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Newton Apples.

Newton Apples are unashamedly indulgent hand made chocolates, lovingly crafted in Cambridge. Over the centuries apples have come to symbolise far more than just a tree based snack food. It is rightly a symbol of temptation, fertility, thought, harvest and love.

Newton Apples update the temptation of the original fobiden fruit from the temple presinct in Jerusalem to include CHOCOLATE! A shell of finest dark chocolate envelops rich salted apple caramel and lovingly brushes a hint of a secret ingredient across the tongue as you consume the fruits of human knowledge.

Our logo is a graphic derived from Mathmatical Bridge over the river Cam in Cambridge. The town and the University have changed little since Newton's day with some of the Don's from Newton's day still in post. The Cam still brings the cool morning mist from the Fens into the city to gently push waking minds towards thought, coffee and perhaps a moring chocolate or port.

Newton Apples are clever chocolates and we can truthfully acsert no other chocolate exceeds the Newton Apple in intelligence.

The Product.

Newton Apples are lovignly packaged in bags that don't need a PhD to open so that in the frensied passion of indulgence when thoughts of orbital dynamics have fled there is no barrier to complete joy.

Random things.

There follows a random collection of things broadly related to ideas and methods that like minded persons will find appealing.
A pure JavaScript PDF417 reader that runs entirely client side that will take images with a local USB camera and return the decoded PDF417 PDF417 decoder page. The JavaScript will only run form this native address, and only in Chrome or Firefox (with html 5 support) and you will need to have a USB camera attached to your machine.